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Share your feelings about the work Dr. Nathan Smith did to help save Joseph’s leg. These comments will be shared on the website and listed and printed in a booklet to be given to descendants of Dr. Nathan Smith. Please include your Name, City, and State.

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  1. Just yesterday I was running (coincidentally 5K) with my 6 year old son, Stephen, and thought about how I would feel if I were called to do what was required of father and son Joseph Smith 200 years ago. With eyes and heart toward heaven, I figure there are 2 things I can do to honor this legacy. Prayerful gratitude for these enduring, stalwart individuals, and make sure that I’m doing my best to parent Stephen as father Joseph parented Joseph.
    Thank you Dr. Nathan Smith for saving the life of Joseph Smith Jr. This singular act continues to bless my family 200 years later. I am descended from Joseph’s beloved brother Hyrum and my family would not have been blessed with the life of faith we presently enjoy if Joseph had not lived. I hope that your family has been blessed by Nathan Smith’s service as we have been blessed by the life of Joseph Smith. We are pleased and happy to honor Dr Nathan Smith by supporting the establishment of the endowment in the name of Joseph Smith Jr. at Dartmouth Medical School.
    Our family will be traveling from Alaska to Utah for family reunions in late July and early August. The Smith family newsletter alerted us of this event, and as a running family we were thrilled that it is scheduled for the perfect time on the perfect day for us to participate. Despite all the many other fun activities we have planned, we feel that the Joseph Smith Miracle Run will be the highlight of our trip!
    Stephen 6
    McKinley 4

  2. My family is excited to be able to run in the 5K Miracle Run to honor Dr. Nathan Smith. We are so glad he saved Joseph Smith’s leg and that he could go on to restore the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am a descendant of his brother, Hyrum Smith and am so proud to be a part of that family and for all that they have done for my family and our faith. We are grateful for Dr. Nathan Smith and his descendants also. You have a great heritage!

  3. If any of you can join us for the Joseph Smith Memorial Marathon and 5K In Sharon Vermont on July 6th, we would love to have you….
    This will be the 2nd running….It is beautiful run and rich in History….
    We run past Dartmouth across from the South Royalton square…

  4. Great Thanks to Dr. Nathan Smith for the great work and inspiration he received to develop the procedure that saved young Joseph’s leg. And I’m sure many others as well. What a blessing this procedure have been to a multitude of people.

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